Shame, Liberation & Choosing Our Story

I have been out of the loop, choosing to focus my energy on my wife as she journeys through cancer treatment and surgery. I am hopeful to begin blogging weekly again, very soon. Until then, this is a gem from my friend Michelle Morrow … Enjoy …

something better

When launching this blog last April, I encouraged us to reflect on the stories we live by. What narratives shape the way we see the world, the way we make sense of everything – faith, identity, meaning, and all of our beautiful and painful experiences? While listening to an episode of The Liturgists podcast on shame, one of the contributors, Hillary McBride, reflected on the messages we hear and live by (sometimes without being aware we are doing so) in shame systems. She says, “There are certain messages that we carry in shame cultures that make it really hard for us to thrive as human beings.” As we begin this new year, I’d like to encourage you to evaluate how these messages may be shaping the story you live by. Listening for and identifying these can help us deconstruct them in order to build something that promotes flourishing.


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